Maternal Resources

Integrative Obstetrics

An integrative approach to pregnancy is utilizing the techniques garnered by high-risk perinatology, traditional obstetrics and gynecology and the time-honored tradition of midwifery to provide the optimal prenatal care for expecting families. It is the best of all worlds in birth philosophy. It incorporates three different fields of medicine into one approach allowing each distinct expertise to lean on the other for information and collaboration. As a woman and her family journey through pregnancy and birth, the well-being of the whole individual and family unit is an applied perspective when providing medical care.

When a prenatal office chooses to utilize an integrative approach it is a holistic way of viewing the patient and medicine. The mental, emotional, and spiritual components of each person are considered right alongside the physical in the best course of treatment and counseling.
We are experts in the process of pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period but each woman is an expert in her own body. The integrative approach incorporates the patient as a medical advisor.

At Maternal Resources, we pride ourselves on employing several different types of modalities in pregnancy to meet women where they are and give them choices in childbirth. Our goals will align with your goals without any competing agendas or biases.