Maternal Resources

Our Doulas

We work with four wonderful, caring doulas who would LOVE to attend to you at your birth. A doula is an excellent way to get a little bit of additional, support, anxiety reduction, and reassurance in your labor. In addition to the support from our providers, many of our patients choose our doulas to help them achieve labor and delivery goals and their ideal childbirth experience.

According to the findings of Hodnett’s et al meta analysis of 15 trials from North America, Europe, and Africa, “Women cared for during labor by a birth doula, compared to those receiving usual care were:

  • 26% less likely to give birth by cesarean delivery
  • 41% less likely to give birth with a vacuum extractor or forceps
  • 28% less likely to use any analgesia or anesthesia
  • 33% less likely to be dissatisfied or negatively rate their birth experience”

Doula Services Provided:

  • Prenatal Meeting
  • 24 Hour on-call availability
  • Natural Pain Relief
  • Support with positioning to assist in optimal positioning of the baby
  • Birth & Peanut Ball Positioning
  • Aromatherapy support
  • Massage & Acupressure
  • Photography upon request (not professional)
  • Initial lactation support
**Our Doulas are hired privately. Please contact them directly for further information.

Afshan Abbasi CD(DONA) GBCE

Certified Birth Doula & GentleBirth Instructor

Jessica Parisik MaDo, DONA

Certified Birth Doula

Raizy Green

Labor Coach