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Best Items to Wear While Pregnant

Are old t-shirts and sweatpants not your style? Pregnant fashionistas take heart: you can look stylish and attractive throughout your pregnancy.
Pregnant women deserve to look and feel pretty, no matter how far along they are. Many stores have now started offering trending and fashionable clothes for expectant mothers which is great news for those of us who want to maintain our style while pregnant.
However, you don’t need to go out and replace your wardrobe while draining your bank account. Some of the clothes you already own can be adapted to fit your baby bump. Here are some tips:
Embrace the Bump: You don’t have to hide your belly in loose-fitting, formless clothes? Search for different pregnancy styles on Instagram and Pinterest and you’ll find confident women rocking it in form-fitting dresses. Cotton can be a great go-to fabric for this; it has some stretch which will allow you to breathe. Have a form fitting dress in your closet? Put it on and show off that belly.Consider Hippie Chic: Tight clothes not your style? That’s ok! We all have different preferences. Considering channeling the seventies, (plenty of the fashion is back in style) with some long, flowing dresses that will give your belly space. Loose, lace blouses will help you feel comfortable yet feminine. If you’re missing your waist, wear a braided belt above your bump to give your figure some definition.
A Shoe-in for Style: It’s a fact: pregnancy feet feel different. It might be time to give up the spiky heels (for now), but that doesn’t mean you have to walk around in sneakers all day. Wedge sandals and chunky boots are both great options that will give your feet the support they need while still giving you some height. Just be careful that the shoes you are wearing allow you to walk easily without risk. Are you expecting? Maternal Resources is proud to offer a unique boutique pregnancy and labor experience in the NJ/NYC metro area.