Maternal Resources

Changes to Expect During Pregnancy

If you’re newly pregnant, first off, congratulations! If this is your first child, you’re probably starting to wonder how your body might change in pregnancy.

Maternal Resources is here to walk you through all the changes you body will likely experience while pregnant that may surprise you.

Getting Lightheaded or even Passing Out (Syncope)

While pregnant, your blood vessels expand so that blood can easily flow to the baby. One of the side effects of expended vessels is low blood pressure levels which can make you feel lightheaded, especially if you move too quickly. If you notice feeling lightheaded often, tell your designated healthcare professional so they can confirm that it’s nothing more.

Mood Swings

Most people are aware that mood swings are a result of the change in your body’s hormones during pregnancy, but many expectant mothers are surprised at how intense these mood swings really are. It is important that you and your partner do your best to prepare for these moods swings and discuss the fact that they might happen. If you are really feeling depressed, you should contact a healthcare professional.

Joint Issues

Relaxin is a hormone that helps the ligaments in your body de-tense, making the delivery of the baby easier on your joints. During your pregnancy, these hormones often increase, which can result in potential injuries. Make sure to be careful when you’re working out!

Sense of Smell

While pregnant, you will likely notice that certain things, such as foods or perfumes, that once smelled good to you are now unappealing. During pregnancy, your body experiences an extremely heightened sense of smell, making you much more sensitive.

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