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Early Signs You Might Be Expecting

When you are expecting, even if you are within your first few weeks, your body will give you certain signs to bring the pregnancy to your attention. If you aren’t taking pregnancy tests routinely, it is important to know what signs you should be looking for.

Disliking Familiar Foods

When pregnant, you might find yourself nauseous at common foods you’d often eat. If you typically love the smell of fresh brewed coffee or simmering bacon and you suddenly find yourself nauseated by it, you could likely be expecting. If you suddenly find yourself gagging at certain smells or finding foods that you typically liked disgusting, you could likely be pregnant.

Unexplainable Exhaustion

If you find yourself feeling fatigued after a full week’s worth of rest, you might be carrying. Although there is little explanation as to why pregnant women grow incredibly tired at the very beginning, it is likely a result of fluctuating hormone levels. Once you approach your second trimester, some of the tiredness should fade. However, it does return again towards the end of pregnancy.

Occasional Light “Periods”

If you find yourself spotting on occasion, as if you have a light period, you actually could be expecting. If you are due for your period and notice spotting, you might assume that you aren’t pregnant because of it. However, sometimes spotting happens during a pregnancy which is referred to as “implantation bleeding.” Although this can be common and often means nothing, make sure you see a doctor or midwife to ensure it is not the sign of an issue.

Frequent Bathroom Trips

If you find yourself spending a lot of time urinating, when you normally don’t, it could be an early sign of pregnancy. Your hormones begin to change once you get pregnant which can cause you to pee more frequently. If you find yourself need to urinate often, and notice that the trips only become more urgent, that could be a big indicator of pregnancy.

If you expect that you’re expecting, make sure you contact a doctor or midwife to help you confirm your pregnancy and get you working towards the healthiest pregnancy possible. Are you expecting? Contact Integrative Obstetrics to help you through it.

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