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Five Must-Do’s in the Days Before Delivery

If this is your first time having a baby, you may not be able to concentrate on anything but your baby coming very soon. You talk about it daily with your friends and family, monitor your favorite pregnancy board and look at Pinterest for cute outfits and décor. We have a few things you should do (other than the above) in the few days before you give birth.
Spend Time with Loved Ones – The weeks and months after your baby is here will all blur together. You will find yourself all consumed with feedings and diapers and not a lot of time to hang out like you did before the baby arrived.Prep for the Hospital – If you haven’t done so already, prep for your hospital stay. You will be spending a few days there with your little one, and there is nothing worse than forgetting your favorite shampoo and having to use the hospital shampoo. Yuck!Rest – Between spending time with friends, packing and nesting, be sure to get your rest. Any experienced mom will tell you that your days of getting a full nights rest are weeks or months away!Stock Up the Freezer – You will thank us later for this tip. Meal prepping will be a godsend after you have the baby. Yes, eating Taco Bell every night was the dream in college, but you will regret it later. Make some casseroles, soups. and anything that can be tossed in the crock pot or the oven for an easy dinner.Take Lots of Pictures – If you are planning a maternity photo session, get it booked as soon as you can. You want to remember how you glowed before your little one arrived. These pictures can be placed in a scrapbook for your babies to look at when they are older.