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How to Embrace Your Summer Pregnancy

When you think of summer you probably think of beaches, sun and fruity drinks. But when you are pregnant during the summer, your mindset surely changes. Many women who are pregnant during the summer are uncomfortable because of the heat.
Here are a few helpful tips to refer to so your summer is a bit more enjoyable:
Go outdoors
Although it may be hot, you can use the weather to your advantage and get some fresh air. If you exercise lightly it’s not only good for you but for your baby’s brain as well, according to research from University of Montreal. If it is too hot to handle, take a dip in the pool and workout at the same time. Swimming and water aerobics are great exercise options for women who are pregnant.
Sip on lots of water
We recently wrote a blogabout the importance of drinking enough water while pregnant. Making sure you get enough water is essential to staying cool and hydrated. It is recommended to drink 50% more water compared to the amount of water you intake when you aren’t pregnant.
Enjoy seasonal foods
Now is the chance to enjoy all of the delicious produce summer has to offer. If you have been craving peaches or watermelon, you’re in luck! You can also treat your sweet tooth by having a Popsicle or ice-cream without being judged since it’s so hot out!
Wear breathable fabrics
Embrace the warmth and the fact that you can wear lighter clothing. Wearing less clothing in the summer is necessary in order to stay cool and it is a big perk of being pregnant during warmer months.
Although this summer may be a bit different than summers in the past, you can still find ways to enjoy it comfortably. If you are pregnant and have questions about your birth, contact Maternal Resources at 201-487-8600. We have been providing special perinatal care for high risk pregnancies in New Jersey for nearly 15 years and we are looking forward to taking care of you and your baby.