Maternal Resources

Labor: What to Pack?

Hmmm…. What to pack to the hospital when having a baby? You actually really don’t NEED anything, but here are some ways to make it more comfortable for you. I advise packing two bags: one for the labor room and a second bag for after the baby arrives and you are on the postpartum unit.

Labor Room Bag

Yoga Mat: If doing yoga sounds good to you while in labor, pack it.

Flip flops or Crocs: Chances are you’ll want a shoe that’s quick to slip on and off and doesn’t require any bending down to tie. Also you may swell a little bit after your delivery and you may want them for the shower.

Chapstick: Dry lips happen.


Hard Candies or Lollipops: Great for sucking on in labor

Snacks: Choose what you like best, pretzels, trail mix, nuts and seeds, granola, baked goods, bars, dried fruit, candy, chocolate,

Small change or cash: For the vending machines to get sodas, ice creams or snacks

Water in a sports bottle: For easy drinking.

Laboraid: Some sort of electrolyte drink, your pick, and either a sports bottle or straws.

Chargers: For phones, tablets and computers. An oft forgot item.

Camera: If you plan to use your phone (and many do, nothing wrong with that), be sure that there is enough storage.

Postpartum Bag

For this bag, leave it in your car until you are settled in your postpartum room.

Outfit for baby

One blanket for baby

Lanolin or nipple cream.:I suggest getting Lansinoh available in any pharmacy or online.

Nursing Pads

Toiletries: Anything you would need for an overnight stay: Brush, hair care, toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.

Pacifier: The hospital is baby friendly, so if a pacifier is something you’d like to use, bring your own along.

Baby Book: If you are doing a baby book, pack in in your postpartum bag.

Nursing Bra: I advise a very comfortable, no underwire bra, that may even be a size too big for you. Nursing tanks work great too.

Makeup: You may not use it at all, but I suggest at least some lip gloss and mascara. People will visit and take pics and you may be glad you have it.

Robe and some comfortable clothes: You may not want the hospital garb at all, and may just want to be in your own clothes.

Surprising things you won’t need

The hospital will supply these times:

Underwear: The will give you a nice disposable, very comfortable, mesh underwear to use while you are at the hospital, and may a few to take home.

Maxipads: There will be plenty.

Diapers: The hospital will even give you some to go home with.

Baby supplies: They will have wipes, bottles, and even a hospital grade breast pump if you need it.