Maternal Resources

Perinatal Mood Changes and Support

When working through any anxiety and depression or anxiety during your pregnancy or postpartum period, we have put together this tool kit to help you.

Recommended therapists in our area – Bergen County Hila Revah

Bergen County and Hudson CountyThe Lukin Center

Hoboken Adrian T. Oxman, Psy.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist 929.249.2260
Reproductive Psychiatrist

Hudson Psychiatric Associates

Online Skype/phone call set-up

Other Techniques:

  • Consider Meditation 

We recommend the ZivaMeditation technique. This technique was designed by a New Yorker for New Yorkers15 minutes once or twice a day is recommended

  • Consider Mindfulness with Yoga or Deep Breathing Techniques and Exercises

Yoga for prenatal or postnatal moms can provide mom-mom support

  • Exercise can help reduce anxiety

30 minutes of mild to moderate intensity at least three times can help reduce anxiety

  • Spending time in Nature and in the Sun

Vitamin D is essential for mood stabilization, consider spending some time in the sun, walking, taking a hike, or visiting a national park.

  • Build a support network

Chatting with or visiting with other moms can ease anxiety, stress and depression.  Consider a group  – here is a list in our local area or  Many local hospitals also offer support groups. 

Postpartum Depression or Anxiety can present anytime in pregnancy or during the first year postpartum. We suggest this website for additional support