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Pregnancy Questions That You May Be Afraid to Ask [Part 1]

Pregnancy is like an exclusive club that you gain an all access pass to once the little plus sign appears on the pregnancy test. Your friends may have gone through it, your moms, aunts and probably your OBGYN as well too. However there may be a few questions that you are too embarrassed to ask. Don’t worry, we are here for you!
Q. Will I have a bowel movement during delivery?
A. Yes, you will probably have a bowel movement. Will you notice it? Probably not. It mainly happens if your bowel is full because the rectum is underneath the uterus. When you push, you put your chin to your chest and put all of the pressure right to that area. Don’t be embarrassed about it at all; everyone in the delivery room is there to support you. Like we said earlier, you probably won’t even notice if it happens.
Q. My girlfriend only put on 10 lbs. and I have gained 20. Have I gained too much?
A. Every pregnancy is different. At one of your first prenatal appointments your doctor should discuss with you the amount of weight you should try to stay within from start to finish. She will also monitor your progress at each appointment as well. Remember that you are beautiful, no matter what the scale says.
Q. My husband is afraid to be intimate now that I am pregnant. He doesn’t want to hurt the baby, what should I tell him?
A. As long as your pregnancy is going as planned and you have not had any bleeding (and your OB gives the green light) it is safe to have intercourse. If you do bleed or have any cramping, you should stop and get the ok before trying again. But your husband will not hurt the baby if you are intimate.
Stay tuned for more questions and answers in our upcoming blog posts!