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Preparing Your Wardrobe for Spring Pregnancy

Although temperatures are still pretty cold and the majority of the east coast is experiencing blizzard conditions, spring really isn’t far away. (We hope!) As seasons start to change, so do our wardrobes. If you’re expecting this spring, you should especially be considering how your wardrobe might change. If you are going to be pregnant this spring, consider adding some of these pieces into your wardrobe to create ideal outfits for the upcoming season.Reliable Denim Maternity jeans are an absolute must-have during any season. They pair well with t-shirts, blouses, sweatshirts, and most footwear. Whether you are running to the grocery store or heading to the movies with friends, jeans are appropriate for most occasions. Maternity jeans also come in a variety of styles so you’ll still be able to express yourself and your personal style.Stretch is Best Leggings are a blessing for most pregnant women, and women everywhere honestly. These “pants” can stretch and fit around your growing belly. Although you can purchase maternity versions of leggings, your normal leggings will often grow with you because of how stretchy they typically are. In fact, you might be able to purchase a cheap pair of leggings in a bigger size to save some money for other maternity wardrobe staples. You can pair leggings with a casual half-zip or with a dressier top for a comfortable and cute night out.Wear Waterproof For the large majority of the country, spring often brings plenty of rain. In April, May, and June, you’re likely going to face a decent amount of rain showers. It is important to protect yourself from potential participation with a raincoat and rain boots. Most waterproof material does not stretch much at all, so make sure you are giving yourself enough room to be comfortable. Are you expecting this spring? Contact Maternal Resources, high-risk pregnancy specialists in Northern NY protecting mothers and their babies.