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The Benefits of Breastfeeding

If this is your first baby that you are about to bring in the world, or even your second or third, you have probably thought about breastfeeding. It is completely up to you in if you choose to formula feed or breast feed, but there are so many benefits to breastfeeding for both you and baby that many people are unaware of.
There was this ugly stigma behind breastfeeding 20-something years ago, where people thought only the poor would breastfeed because they could not afford formula. But this stigma was completely untrue.
Back in the 1990s, many formula companies were advertising that this man-made powder was healthier than breastmilk. But people have been breastfeeding since the dark ages, and we know now that breastmilk is exactly what your baby needs to develop.
Your breastmilk can change and alter itself to help your child get over a cold or get through a growth spurt. It has a basically perfect mixture of vitamins, proteins and fats and it is easily digested for baby’s sensitive tummies. Babies that are exclusively breastfed for the first six months have fewer ear infections, repertory illnesses, diarrhea and trips to the doctor in general.
There are also plenty of breastfeeding benefits for mom. The best reason for moms to breastfeed is to shed their pregnancy weight. You can burn 500 calories from breastfeeding daily, and it can lower your risk for breast cancer and ovarian cancer. It will also help your uterus return back to the normal size after birth and can help reduce the post-partum bleeding in the weeks following birth.
We cannot forget to mention the financial benefit to breastfeeding as well! Since mom is creating the milk herself, there is a significant savings over going to the store and buying cans of formula. It is estimated that if you are spending $25 on cans of formula each week you will spend $1300 over the course of the year on formula. If you exclusively breastfeed your cost is $0.
If you do need to pump your milk once you return to work you could spend a few hundred dollars on a pump and bags to store your milk in. But your insurance provider may help with the costs, so be sure to look into that. To learn more about the benfits of breastfeeding and any other pregnancy questions you may have, visit Maternal Resources online or by phone at 201-487-8600. Providing a unique boutique pregnancy and labor experience in the New Jersey and New York City, our family is always here to help yours!