Maternal Resources

The First 48 Hours After Giving Birth

At this point in your pregnancy you may just have one goal in mind, getting your baby into this world. What about after your baby is here? Do you ever think about what to expect in the first hours or the first few days after having your little bundle of joy? It is important to make your little one comfortable as they get used to life outside of the uterus.
For those first few days, try to get in as much skin to skin contact as you can. Lay your baby on your chest or tummy and make sure that they are undressed down to the diaper. If you are breastfeeding, this is especially important because this will cue them to breastfeed more often. By doing a lot of skin to skin contact, you will be able to recognize when your baby is hungry and help them latch before the crying begins. It is much easier to latch when your baby is calm. Trust Us.
After you give birth, you should expect to have a follow up visit with your pediatrician within a few days of being released from the hospital. It is normal for a baby to lose weight after delivery, especially for babies that are breastfeeding. Keep in mind that any loss greater than seven percent would be cause for concern and your baby may need medical attention. Typically your baby will stop losing weight after five days and be back up to their birth weight after about 10 to 14 days.
As a new parent you may not know how many wet and dirty diapers to expect from your baby. In the early days your baby should have one dirty diaper per day of life. After the forth day or so, you will notice that their dirty diapers will become more frequent. If you are breastfeeding, you may see a stool each time you nurse. Beyond that, the numbers will begin to increase and you will notice the diapers will become heavier when they are wet.
If you have any questions about what your baby should be doing in those very first days, feel free to contact us or your pediatrician.