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Common Pregnancy Emotions of a Mom-To-Be

Being pregnant is both an extremely exciting time and a stressful one. Whether it’s the mom-to-be’s first pregnancy or third, it’s common for pregnancies to bring a range of emotions with them.
The hormones that are associated with being pregnant contribute to the mixed emotions that expectant mothers face.
Here are some of the most common pregnancy emotions of a mom-to-be:
This is probably one of the happiest and most prevalent emotions a mom-to-be will experience during her pregnancy. The excitement certainly builds throughout the nine months as the world awaits your little guy or girl’s grand entrance into the world.

Anxiety: This emotion is a given when it comes to pregnancy. It’s easy to be anxious about a million things when you’re pregnant. Whether it’s worryingabout the healthiness of your baby or how you’ll be able to handle motherhood once the baby is born, anxiety is a normal emotion that every mom-to-be experiences.

Having a baby is an extraordinary thing. It truly is amazing to think that in just nine months you and your partner created a human being together. And on top of that, grasping that the mom actually grew and carried the baby in her body.With so much to prepare for and a range of changes happening to your body, it’s easy to be overwhelmed while pregnant. From the onset of a pregnancy, the nine months can go both quickly and slowly at the same time. It can be mere overwhelming just taking in that you are growing a person inside your body.Expectant mothers shouldn’t be surprised if they also feel depressed at times. This common emotion during pregnancy can be triggered by several things, including changes to your body, symptoms attributed to pregnancy and having to restrict certain behaviors during your pregnancy.

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