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Baby Vida: Oxygen Monitor

We love our children from the moment we first see them and the need to nurture and protect is strong. We will do anything for their care and safety, but we can’t be with them every minute of every day. When they sleep, we use that time to catch up on house chores, office work or even try to catch some shut eye ourselves.
But it’s hard to not worry about our baby 24/7. Questions are constantly running through our head. Are they still sleeping or did they just wake up? Are they still breathing? Why are they being so quite?
When you have your first baby you’re excited but also terrified. You buy all of the baby monitors your friends tell you about, but those monitors only tell you when your baby is crying or awake. What sound does your baby make if he/she stops breathing?
The Baby Vida Oxygen Monitorwill give you the peace of mind you’re looking for. The monitor is a small device that fits around the back of your baby’s foot with a soft sock to secureit in place. This device is made for babies from one day to one year.
How does it work?
The monitor connects wirelessly to your smartphone and allows you to monitor your baby at home or on the go. Your baby’s oxygen levels and heart rate readings are recorded on your free mobile app. A red alarm will go off and light up your device if either of these levels falls out of the predetermined ranges and you’ll be able to view the statistics of the baby’s readings at any time. You can adjust the settings in the app for your child or you can use the apps age-specific predetermined ranges.
The sensors in the Baby Vida measure oxygen levels and heart rate by pulse oximetry, the same technology used in hospitals. Are you hesitant about irritating your baby? No need to worry, the soft sock wraps around the oxygen monitor and keeps the baby comfortable while securing the monitor to ensure accurate readings.
How to correctly place the monitor on your baby
Lie your baby down on his or her back and place the sensor directly on your baby’s heel. Secure the monitor in place by using the support strap. Then slip the support sock over the foot to keep the monitor in place. Always ensure the tightness is comfortable for your baby. This device will provide additional information for you, to help give you a vital peace of mind, it’s not intended to cure, treat or prevent anything.
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