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Four Essential Apps for New Parents

Being a new parent is awesome! And with the second brain (aka our phones) we have it a bit easier now trying to juggle it all. When that pregnancy and postpartum brain clouds in, there is a app for that. Crazy as it sounds, but spending quality time with your new bundle of joy, to catching up on house and office work, to trying to find a little “me” time can be made simpler thanks to the great apps out here.

If you have a smartphone, use it to your advantage. Yes, social media apps like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter tend to be addictive and can rob your time, but there are thousands of apps for mommies that can actually help on a day-to-day basis instead of distracting you.

The following apps can be a God-send to you and your growing family:
My Family App

This app helps you personalize relevant information according to your baby’s age. It also has a storybook feature where you can upload your baby’s photos and videos to create a digital scrapbook which can then be shared with family and friends. The app helps you log your baby’s milestones with features such as Potty Pal, Nap Tracker and a Feeding Log to help simplify your busy life.

Baby Tracker App

This app is a must have with a newborn. Ditch the pen and paper. If you breastfeed, this app will be an excellent way to keep a log of your baby’s breastfeeding schedule. If you have to share details with your baby’s doctor, this will be particularly useful and convenient. You can also log activities like tummy time and the baby’s weight and length. Are you nervous about forgetting when you last fed or changed your baby? No need to worry, this app will add organization and sanity to your life.

Cloud Baby Monitor

This app will only work if you have two iSO devices in your house, such as an iPhone and an iPad. Leave one of the devices in your baby’s room and take the other device with you. You’ll be able to live stream and monitor your baby while they sleep, giving you a feeling of ease. The good thing is, if you go on a date night or to a friend’s house, you don’t have to bring a baby monitoring device with you, the Cloud Baby Monitor app on your phone is all you need.

While your iPhone can’t make your baby sleep 8 hours through the night, there are a variety of apps that can make your life a little easier as you transition into your new life as a parent.

White Noise Baby

This is a great go to app to help sooth and calm your baby for those fussy or colicky times. The app has a timer and can be set to start and stop when you want. Also there are multiple different types of white noise sounds to choose from. My personal favorite is Heavy Rain and Ocean Waves.

Other great mentions include the Baby Tracker Nursing App. The Growth App, and the Baby Bundle App.

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