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Pros and Cons of Cloth Diapering

If you read our recent blog post about the pros and cons of disposable diapers, you are probably interested in learning about your other option: Cloth diapers. While some moms feel very strongly about one particular options, others may be unsure which choice is best for them.
Read on for assistance making an educated diaper-decision.
If you are looking for a diaper that will save you money, cloth diapering is the way to go. There is a heavy cost up front associated with the purchasing of all the supplies you will need, but after that it is smooth sailing. The only way you may spend more in cloth diapering is if you choose to use a laundry service, which can run you anywhere from $2500 to $2800. But if you have any other babies down the road they can re-use their older sibling’s diapers.
Cloth diapers have come a long way in the past ten years, now having snaps and Velco to keep them closed and to make changing time a breeze. And, if you plan on having more children down the road, you will be able to reuse the same cloth diapers for years to come!
Especially if your little one is a heavy wetter, cloth diapers can leak more than their disposable counterparts. A bit bulkier than disposable diapers as well, cloth diapers cannot hold as much, leading to more frequent changings and potential messes. They can leak, especially if your little one is a heavy wetter. Cloth diapers do not hold as much as a disposable diaper.
There is also laundry to consider! Depending on the number of cloth diapers you own, you may be putting a load of poopy diapers through the washer and dryer every day.
Here at Maternal Resources, we recommend trying both cloth diapers and disposables and see which you like best. If you have a few friends with babies, you can also poll them to see which they prefer before making your final decision. You may be surprised by which option you choose after considering all the facts!