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Pros and Cons of Disposable Diapers

There are many topics to discuss and many decisions to be made when you are thinking about how you will raise your children. Will you breastfeed or formula feed? Will you make your own baby food or buy it from the store? Wil you use cloth diapers or disposable ones?
Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of disposable diapers, and don’t forget to check out our blog post discussing the pros and cons of cloth diapers as well!
When it comes to the pros of disposable diapers, convenience has to be at the top of our list. Your baby goes #1 or #2, you throw out the old diaper and grab a new one from the bag. Easy-peasy! If you think about the number of disposable diapers that you will go through in a day, that number will be less than cloth. Disposable ones are ultra-absorbent and will keep the wetness away from your baby’s bottom (less diaper rash!)
It is also easy to go up to the next size with disposables. Your baby will grow out of clothing and diapers at lightning speed, and disposable diapers make it easy to decide which size diaper they need according to their weight.
As convenient as they are, disposable diapers can be pretty pricey. Two years of diapers can cost a family anywhere from $2000 to $3000. In comparison, cloth diapering costs about $80 to $1000 over the same time period. There are also plenty of chemicals used in disposable diapers, which can give babies with sensitive skin rashes.
As you can see, there are pros and cons regardless of which style diaper you choose to clothe your little one in. We at Maternal Resources recommend giving both a try to see which is better suited to your family and lifestyle.