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Signs You Should Consult Your Doctor

If you are expecting, you probably spend a lot of time worrying about your pregnancy which is natural. It is normal for expectant mothers and fathers to be concerned about potential issues. Everyone experiences pregnancy differently and some people experience more problems than others.

When pregnant, it is important to understand what kind of issues should warrant a call to your physician or midwife.

If You are Bleeding

Many women occasionally experience vaginal bleeding during pregnancy. While sometimes bleeding is related to hormones or otherwise, it can also be a sign that something is wrong. Some women experience light bleeding throughout pregnancy and many experience it towards the beginning. Regardless, you can’t consider your bleeding as “no big deal” until you know for sure. If you find that you’re bleeding, you should contact a medical professional.

If You Have Severe Pain

Many women are uncomfortable during their pregnancy, and that’s normal. Pregnancy can result in pain that you normally wouldn’t experience such as back pain, leg pain, and round ligament pain. However, pregnancy should not result in constant pain or severe pain, and if it does, you need to address it. Severe pain could be an indication that something is wrong. For instance, pain in the middle of your back can actually mean that you have a kidney infection.  Discuss your pain with your medical professional in order to identify whether or not it is a serious issue.

If You Have Fluid Loss

Many women experience a vaginal discharge, similar to mucus, during pregnancy. Often called “leucorrhea,” this discharge is normal. However, if you experience this discharge and also experience pain, odor, or bleeding along with it, it could mean that you have an infection. If you have a discharge that is more water-based and you can feel a lot of fluid but you aren’t close to your due date, you need to contact a medical professional in the event that you are experiencing preterm labor.

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