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What Your Pregnancy Dreams Might Mean

Being pregnant is a wonderful experience but it also comes with some pretty strange side effects.

Often times, having bizarre dreams is a side effect of pregnancy. With pregnancy, the dreams seem to be, quite frankly, outrageous. Pregnancy dreams can range from hilarious to downright frightening, and most of them mean something.

Pregnant women often express that they have dreams that are fairly strange, and sometimes, even spooky. These dreams don’t serve as a premonition that anything is wrong and according to the journal Psychiatry Research, pregnant women that have nightmares might have a shorter labor.

Part of the explanation for erratic dreaming while pregnant is the hormonal changes a pregnant woman goes through. The hormonal changes and increased stress have the ability to interrupt sleep and make dreams more memorable.

Here are a few of examples of what pregnant women dream about and what they might mean:

Water Dreams

Pregnant women have many dreams about water in the first trimester when the amniotic sac is filling with fluid. Water related dreams in pregnancy are often related to the overflow of thoughts and emotions you’re having in regards to having a baby.

Vacation Dreams

When a pregnant woman dreams about taking a trip or a vacation, the dream might really be a symbol for the woman thinking about the lifelong journey of pregnancy that she is embarking on.

Gender Dreams

It is very common for a mom-to-be to dream about the sex or gender of the baby, but women shouldn’t give too much thought to these dreams because they are very rarely correct.

Forgetful Dreams

Many pregnant women have dreams about forgetting their baby somewhere before it is even born. This is usually because pregnant woman have many thoughts about how they will manage to multi-task while caring for a baby.

Harmful Dreams

One extremely difficult dream to have while pregnant is that your baby is born with a significant health issue or is harmed shortly after being born.  This dream usually indicates that there is an internal conflict about the time and care you will have to devote to your baby.

Although we can’t prevent crazy pregnancy dreams from occurring, we can promise to care for you during your pregnancy. At Integrative Obstetrics, we believe in providing the highest quality of comprehensive pregnancy care.

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